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More Niche Testimonial

‘When asked if I would be happy to provide some feedback on Black Yak Digital’s service and if happy to write a testimonial, I spent quite some time thinking about the best way to get across just how different this service is.

After some thought, I realised that no matter what I say, you will never fully understand until you have actually used his service.

I definitely fall into the large section of people who hate recruitment agencies with a passion! In my opinion, recruitment agencies are pretty much the lowest form of life on the planet, they will try anything and everything just to get you on the phone. Heaven forbid you actually speak to one of them, you will acquire another stalker who will become your best friend overnight.

Recruitment people just don’t get subtlety, you have no choice but in loud, very blunt words, tell them to stop calling and that you are not interested, nothing else I have tried seems to work.

My opinion on recruitment agencies has not changed, I have however managed to stumble across the one recruitment company who run a respectable and professional operation, they run in a completely different way to every other agency I have spoken to!

They does not stalk me, they don’t send me 100’s of CV’s, they don’t send people to interview who are clearly not up to the job, they don’t charge me London fee’s when I’m not in London.

I have hired at least 5-10 people via Black Yak Digital and every single person they send for interview has been pre-vetted, arrive to the interview prepared and have actually researched the role and company (Shock/Horror!).

I would 100% recommend Chodak and his team and I am always available to have a chat about his service in person. To all other recruitment ‘specialists’ reading this, please do not contact me, I am not interested!

Andrew Slack – Owner